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Project: Teras project

Project, 2008

Teras project

[Teras/Τέρας = freak, monster]

At the terrace of the culture house BIOS, Pireos 84, Athens

Curated by Sofia Mavroudis

A bar on the rooftop of BIOS (View of Acropolis + Cocktails)

Art (Under the stars + All night)

Opening of the terrace bar as an exhibition space for the summer 0f 2008 with contemporary art by Greek artists.

Searching for the freak in Athens.

A freak is the not accepted, the not physiologic, the exception from the “normal”. Who is the freak? The piece of art against the unaesthetic Athens or Acropolis as a representation of perfection and civilization? Is it mankind who with his view decides the aesthetic ideals or is it history that sets the level of importance to what we see?

It is like the new terrace bar at BIOS by itself, from its first day of function, requested for contemporary big sized installations. Maybe because a balance to its contradictory energy were necessary - the urbanity vs the historical identity, the darkness of the night vs the light of the moon and the city’s, the DIY-bar vs the pieces of art.

An open air exhibition space in a living surrounding, were the light, the performance of the bar and the lighting of Acropolis changes during the different hours of the night.

16 July 2008

Secret performance


(As a preview of Teras project and Andreas Angelidakis Philosophy Hut, which is the material version of a pattern made for the artist Mai Ueda on the internet world Neen World.)

18 July 2008 Opening

Andreas Angelidakis

Philosophy Hut, installation

25 July 2008 Opening

Socratis Socratous

The School, photo installation