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Project: ReMap2, Ylva Ogland

Project, 2009

Ylva Ogland
shows Snöfrid under the shadow of Athena

A ReMap 2 event

Curator Marina Fokidis, assistant curator Sofia Mavroudis

Drink Snöfrid’s own acropolitic mirror Vodka and reveal a secret in an open Celebration until last person leaves… In collaboration with the Keeper/Rodrigo Mallea Lira & Snöfrid’s Armor bearer Johan Hjerpe, featuring artist Angelo Plessas. Djs: Fotis B., Photoharrie, Cartoon Dandy, and friends

Wednesday 17 June 2009, at 21:00 onward

Iassonos 8, Metaxourgio Athens, Greece

Mirror Vodka

alcohol is deeper connection to the I

My Earthly twin Ylva Ogland

am I real now

My Armour Bearer Johan Hjerpe

where is the entrance

My Questioner Marina Fokidis

where is the art

My Keeper Rodrigo Mallea Lira

where is the Acropolis Stone

My Oracle

the stone is for connecting to all times

My Money Bearer Angelo

future past and present and beyond that to the other side

My Copper Distillery

mirror reality

My world is the other side of the mirror

welcome to enter through this liquid

Kunsthalle Athena



02/09 2009

(Courtesy Bernier-Eliades gallery)

Supported by The Swedish Embassy, Athens

Photos by Ylva Ogland