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Project: Videokväll at Full Pull

One night project, 2008


“Parallel Worlds – possible breakpoints”

A video screening evening at Stapelbädden at Full Pull, Malmö, Sweden, 3rd of September 2008. Curated by Katrin Ingelstedt, Sofia Mavroudis and Lisa Amanda Svensson.

Curare Art Movement dedicates a schizophrenic evening to the sound and the image with the starting point somewhere between the real, the experienced and the imaginary. Video art, live music, new interpretations with new pieces, Vj:s and mingle.

In the Swedish version of Sesame Street, Magnus and Eva explains to Brasse that “There is where you are not, and here is where you are”. Back then the meaning of the expression was clear, but how is it today when here, there, now and tomorrow is increasingly interfering with each other? Swedish and foreign video artist examine different ways to view, relate to or act in our real or created world in a video screening. Sound and image continue to interfere in several acts where either the sound or the image dominates. We are inspired by the Greek composer/architect Iannis Xenakis who did sound and image indispensable for each other as he created UPIC, a system that transforms one medium to one other.

The screening: Patrick Kretschek, Eva-Christina Sommeregger, Blu, Sam3, Aris, Deep Green Sea, Andreas Kurtsson, Anders Weberg & Robert Willim, NUG and Iannis Xenakis synchronized by Donald Craig (Mycenae Alpha). 

In the 1970th the greek composer/architect Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) developed the groundbreaking composing system UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu), wich operates via a graphic drawing board conected to a computer. By drawing with a electromagnetic pen on the board, you were able to generate music directly through the translation of the drawing into tunes by the computer.

We embrace Xenaki´s idea of transforming one medium into another by letting the Swedish video artist Patrick Kretscheck produce a new video work for the evening, "Gamepaintning", inspired by the music and work of Xenakis.

Live: Ullan (Henrik Jacobsson) interprets Petra Lindholms video Sunrise 05 am.

Image/sound: The VJ:s Jossystem 

Full Pull is an organisation for electronic/experimental music and art, and a network of galleries, record labels and art and music associations in the Öresund region (south-west part of Sweden). The Full Pull festival, arranged anually, presents artists and cross-discipinary projects in the field of music, video and performance.