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Exhibition + Catalogue

A site-specific solo show by Vasilis Gerodimos, that uses materials from the local area and in particular from an industrial yard with construction materials. 


Exhibition + Catalogue

Ιχνογραφία [ichnografía] from the Greek word ίχνος [íchnos] noun = trace/ track/ footprint/ clue and the Greek word γραφή [grafí] noun = writing/ script/ written language/ means of communication.

Castles in the air

Exhibition + Catalogue

A castle in the air is another universe, a microcosm with its own rules of reality. Hope, phantasy and imagination merged with fears, doubts, memories and wishful thinking - this absentminded state of consciousness of DAYDREAMING.

Paper, scissors, stone

Exhibition + Catalogue

A is beaten by B, B is beaten by C, and C is beaten by A, or: paper is cut by the scissors, scissors are broken by the stone, and stone is trapped by the paper.

Sandcastle for grown-ups

Exhibition + Catalogue

A site-specific solo exhibition by Meta Isaeus-Berlin. It is said that anything built on sand is unsafe; intentions and plans are all without success. In their own time the ocean waves will travel the sand to other parts of the world to be mixed with other memories and other stories.

White noise

Exhibition + Catalogue

A solo show by Kostas Tsolis. Through a painting technique of deletion, Tsolis emphasizes how powerful pictures are in telling a story about a particular time period, a person, a family or the fate of a country.

Gravity is a mistake

Exhibition + Catalogue

We have been told that although the force we call gravity has not been directly detected, there is indirect evidence for its existence. Detectors do exist, but have not yet succeeded in detecting such phenomena.

Everything is fine, or the continuous search for a utopia

Project + Catalogue

A project that takes place in three different private apartments in Stockholm: At Maria and Viktor´s in Högdalen, at Malena´s in Södermalm and at Klara and Viktoria´s in Vårberg.

Jesper Norda

Online project

Jesper Norda´s work work concerns the abstract space of non existing or stopped time, or rather, as that is not possible, the perception of time as we know it.

Crystal Beacon issue #9: With Citites

Online exhibition

With Cities contains urban reflections, dreams, utopian stories and speculates around the interactions that occupy a city and its inhabitants. The works are all made specifically for this issue. 

Room 524

Exhibition + Catalogue

Organized by Kappatos Gallery at St. George Lycabettus Hotel in Athens, this is hotel room 524.

Kykladon 28: Genius Loci

Exhibition + Catalogue

An exhibition in a studio which untill recently Vaggelis shared with Fanis; Kostas were on the ground floor together with Vasilis only to after a while hand it over to Giorgos that for a year ago stepped aside so Antonis and Sofia could move in.

ReMap 2, Ylva Ogland


Ylva Ogland shows Snöfrid under the shadow of Athena at this ReMap 2 event. 

Arty Farty Party (or Αρτι-Φάρτι Πάρτυ)

Exhibition + Party

The idea was an exhibition in a bar. Already done and not that interesting. Better to throw a party. For our friends. Even better to make an exhibition with our friends for the party for our friends.

Teras project


Opening of the terrace bar of the culture house BIOS as an exhibition space for the summer 0f 2008 with contemporary art by Greek artists.

Videokväll at Full Pull

One night project

For the 4th edition of the Full Pull festival, we present "Parallel worlds", a night with video art and music somewhere in between the real, the experienced and the imaginary world.

at Athens Video art Festival

Video screening + installation

A video screening programme of contemporary Swedish video artists and the artist duo å+k with their site-specific sound installation. 



Talks, test-runs, research etc.