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Project: Kykladon 28:Genius loci

Exhibition + Catalogue, 2009

Kykladon 28:Genius loci

A group exhibition with Antonis Choudalakis, Christos Delidimos, Dimitris Dokatzis,
Vasilis Gerodimos, Vaggelis Gokas, Giorgos Nouvakis, Fanis Papachristou, Yiannis Pappas
and Kostas Tsolis.

Opening 12 November 2009
Address: 28 Kykladon street, Kypseli, Athens, Greece

An exhibition in a studio which untill recently Vaggelis shared with Fanis; Kostas were on the ground floor together with Vasilis only to after a while hand it over to Giorgos that for a year ago stepped aside so Antonis and Sofia could move in.

This is an exhibition in a neoclassical building in Kypseli in Athens, which for years hosts various artists. The memories, the marks on the walls and the smell of colors in the building becomes now the occasion for a dialogue between old and new guests. The memories are signs of our own times past, in another place other than where we are today. All our memories are surrounded by a place, there is no event without a place. Location is an integral part of our existence. Each place holds energy; from people, moments and situations - basically there are no white cubes.

A room is defined by visible boundaries - walls, ceilings, floors. But the experience of it is something different. Beside the various factors that shape our feelings about a place, there is an inherent atmosphere, a spirit, the genius loci, that the ancient Romans saw as the spirit of each place. The atmosphere of different spaces suits different people and their history.

The experience of a space is subjective and personal. The works in this exhibition deal with fragments of personal objects, old photographs, shadows, levels and imprints. We open the doors of a studio and a home for exhibition. The building, its walls and memories reveal the genius loci, and acquire meaning through this exhibition.

A place that initially fitted us.

Genius loci: 
[Latin: genius locī : genius, spirit + locī, genitive sing. of locus, place.]
In Roman mythology: genius loci - the protective spirit that gives life to people/sites, determines the nature or substance and accompanies from birth to death. Important for people to have a good relationship with the genius of the place, both physically and mentally in order to live well in a location. The genius loci is considered to exist independently of the perceptions and experiences of each individual, but depends upon the involvement of humans for its existence. In modern use the term genius loci refers to the special atmosphere of a site, or the "spirit of place".

Supported by the gallery The Apartment

Curation and text by Sofia Mavroudis

Photos by Sofia Mavroudis